So Long Lizard Lips – Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

My head jolts forward as I try to muster the strength to fight the impending sleep, I know it’s bedtime. Trouble is, as soon as my light goes out, my nocturnal brain gets ready to ramble. I’m Cherelle, otherwise known as Relly, and this blog comes to you from the ramblings of a nocturnal brain. Anyway, on with the post.

My lips must have been swapped with a lizard at birth. They are insanely dry all year round; no matter how many times I apply lip balm, they still insist on peeling – not a good look. So when I found out Lush did a Bubblegum Lip Scrub – my mind was blown. So off I trot to get my hands on one. A scrub that smells good, I’m all over it.


Made from sugar crystals and jojoba oil, this product claims to gently exfoliate, refine and prime lips. The scent definitely reminds me of bubblegum, and it tastes like the candyfloss I munched as a child. When licked away, the sugar left me with what felt like new lips. They felt significantly softer and the peeling skin was nowhere to be seen. It comes in a few different scents too, including Popcorn.

Retailing at £5.50, for a tiny pot this product seems a bit on the pricey side for what it is, but having said that it does work a dream and you only have to use a very small amount, meaning this product will last a long time. It does what it claims, although I would advise to follow up with a good lip balm, as the scrub can leave lips feeling pretty dry. I use twice a day, morning and night to keep my peeling lips at bay throughout the day.

Any comments on the Lush Lip Scrub, pop them below. That’s enough of my ramblings for one week.

Ciao for now x


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