Words are Worth more than Money – Sorry Cupid

Cupids back armed with his bow and arrow. Turning Brits doe eyed and leaving bank accounts fried. But is Valentine’s Day just one big sweet waste of money?

As Valentine’s Day looms, loved up ladies wait to be showered with romance; and men with panic as they realise (on the day) they haven’t even so much as got the card. Cue the box of chocolates from the petrol station, and the lonely card left on Tesco’s shelf. So romantic.

But it seems this day of hot romance has lost its flare. A study by AXA found that ladies will take an affectionate and caring gesture over expensive gifts. A thoughtful, unprompted declaration of love is top marks in a woman’s heart, so ditch the skimpy lingerie guys.


Can the same be said for men?
Proving that that old theory ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – the study found that four in five men like to go out for a meal; whilst three quarters would rather stay in and have the Mrs cook a meal.

Round of applause to the clever bugger who said ‘romance is dead’

• One in ten men only buy gifts on Valentines because it is expected of them.
• One in three Brits spend absolutely nothing on that special someone on February 14th.
• A quarter of Brits spend under £20 and 45% of those people buy the gift the day before, or even on the way to see their other half.
• 90% of Brits think a discount voucher is ok to use on a romantic dinner.

Now that’s a cheap date 😉

Men’s Brain vs Women’s – Riddle of the Sphinx or Science?
Scientists say that male and female brains are wired slightly different. Women tend to use the right side of their brain which controls emotions, ( is this why I cry at Eastenders!?) and men the left, logical, analytic and objective side.

I love being spoilt (who doesn’t?) but I would class my significant other opening his heart and telling me how he really feels as a romantic gesture in itself. My perfect Valentine’s would consist of a nice meal (don’t skip the dessert, that’s the best part), a nice gift, a romantic message; and soppy as it sounds, a slow dance (hey, I was brought up on Walt Disney films ok.)

It seems Valentine’s Day has been morphed into another way to make people part with their pennies. We have all been blinded by the medias ideology of red roses, lavish gifts and the big movie style gestures; when in fact it’s the little things in life that make us smile.

Cupid has flown the nest.

Is it the little things, or the big gestures that make your Valentines Day special?
Whatever you have planned, have a ‘lovey’ day 

Until Rells next ramble, ciao for now


2 thoughts on “Words are Worth more than Money – Sorry Cupid

  1. Love this, just made me want to go and return anything I’ve bought and not be so materialistic.

    Wow you don’t ask for much off your significant other now do you!? 😮


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