February Favourites

Just before winter lifts and spring springs, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle. The air still holds its winter chill but were seeing more of that spring sunshine (and rain). This time is known as the Vernal Equinox.

Wow that almost sounded intelligent…

I digress (already), this isn’t a ramble on space and time – actually what has made a cold February marginally bearable. I’ve always been quite picky on products. I normally don’t use styling products on my hair (as it seems to enjoy snapping out,) and I always go for the same make up looks; but this month I’ve been a brave little girl.

photo 1

Stop the rambles Relly, on with with favourites…

VO5 Dry Backcombing Spray: My hair is a bit of a catch 22. Without a bit of volume its pancake flat (yuk); but If I back comb or use harsh styling products, it snaps out. This baby from V05 is a dry spray that boots your roots, without leaving hair sticky and straw like. I spray it directly at my roots, massage in circular motions for a few seconds and voila…we have volume. For £3.79, it’s definitely worth the pennies.

photo spray

Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet: I’ll admit, Naked Pallets are like my holy grails. The Naked 3 holds 12 rose tinted, neutral shades of taupe and brown. The perfect mix of shimmer and matte, the colour pay off, consistency and lasting power is great. My go to look this month has been; Limit as the transition shade, Mugshot and Liar all over my lid with Nooner through the crease and lower lash line and Darkside on the outer V – with a lick of winged gel liner it’s good to go.

I think this beauty deserves a post of its own – keep your peepers peeled…

Vaseline Spray and Go: I’m lazy, pouring moisturiser on my hands and rubbing it in is time consuming (and time is one thing I don’t have in a morning.) This moisturiser feeds my laziness perfectly, just spray, rub in and go! It absorbs quickly, so no dancing around waiting for it to dry and best of all it leaves my skin super soft and not greasy. I got the cocoa one that smells like chocolate milkshake, the scents not overpowering, and best of all its only £3.99 – happy bank balance.

Better be careful I don’t get over excited and try eating it…

Duac Gel: I know this is a prescription item, but it has been a lifesaver this month. Recently, my skin has been awful. It kept breaking out in those boils under the skin you can’t squeeze (darn it.) I went to my doctor and he gave me this gel. I use it once a day over my problem areas; and my skin has cleared up completely. It reduces my spots overnight and has even cleared up any acne scars. One problem, it dried my skin out so much it was peeling off.

photo 3
You could totally sweet talk your doctor if your skin is acting up…

Kingdom Hearts (PS2): This  is completely random, but it has kept me smiling so it’s not completely irrelevant ;-). Kingdom Hearts is a fun filled action/ fantasy game that takes me right back to my childhood. The levels take you to all the famous Walt Disney worlds like Wonderland and Neverland – and all my favourite Disney characters are scattered along the journey. Imagine, Goofy with a sword and shield.

I blame my Kingdom Hearts addiction on the significant other – thanks a bunch sir, guess where I’ll be straight after this?

What products have stood out for you guys this month?

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Ramble done for a day

Ciao for now!



6 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. I love urban decay naked palettes. I think everyone should have one of them babies… eBay is your best friend! 😉

    Although have you tried the naked 2? That’sy fave! 😉


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