Brush Mania – Real Techniques

Happy Thursday Lovelies!
Ok. So I’m a little late on this craze. Up until about a year ago; I would never have splashed the cash on makeup brushes. Then Real Techniques happened.
Since my poor brush pot is busting at the seams, I’ve accepted I have a problem. In hope that I’m not the only brush crazed lady, I thought I’d do a little review and share my collection with you lovely people.
A problem shared is a problem halved right ;).
Yes, I know my brushes need a biiiiiiiiig ol’ clean.
Bit o’ Background
Real Techniques was designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman aka – Pixiwoo. Combining high-tech materials with innovative design, the Real Techniques make creating that pixel-perfect look a breeze to achieve.

Handy Hints…
• The brushes are made from Taklon – which is synthetic and 100% cruelty free.
• Bristles are ultra plush, smooth and hand cut into the perfect shape for precise application.
• The brushes are named for quick reference and color coded. Gold brushes are for creating that flawless base, Purple are for enhancing your eyes and f pink for the perfect finish.
• Some brushes are available in sets of 4/5 and others are sold separately.
• The brushes have extended aluminum ferrules for light, easy use and a self standing base for simple work top display.

Let’s get ready to ramble
As a tiny disclaimer, the beauty of these brushes is that they are multipurpose, depending on your needs. The way I use them may not be up everybody’s street, this is just how they work best for me.

My collection started off innocently enough, just the Your Eyes Enhanced starter set to play up my peepers. After I realised what a difference they made to make- up application, my addiction spiralled out of control.

photo (5)

Your Eyes Enhanced Starter Set: There are 5 brushes in this set that make any eye make- up oh so simple. First up is the Deluxe Crease Brush. This brush is large and rounded. It’s waay too big for my crease, so I use it to blend out my eye shadow; however, I believe it’s good for buffing in cream concealer. Next up is one of my favourites, the Base Shadow Brush. This is a flat tapered brush which is cut to a point. I use this brush to sweep eye shadow through my crease. The angled brush in the set is the Brow Brush. This does exactly what it says, its firm and makes an easy job of filling in my sparse eyebrows. This brush is also perfect for taking eye shadow beneath the lower lash line, although I feel it’s a little too thick for use with gel liner. The Accent Brush is tiny flat brush that is perfect for highlighting the inner eye or smudging eyeliner. Last in the pack is the Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush. This is just your typical eyeliner brush, although I find it too big for the entire eye. I just use it to connect the wing when I’m attempting a cat eye.
Fear not, there are single brushes to fix the eyeliner fiasco. The Fine Liner Brush, which is basically the baby version of the Pixel Point.

photo (6)

Woooooow the Pixel Point looks like a beast to the Fine Liner.

I also picked up the Silicone Liner Brush, this is the teensiest bit thinner than the  , and has silicone bristles, whaaaaat. This brush makes plotting in the shape of a feline flick easy peasy.

Whilst were on the subject of eyes, I picked up the Shading Brush. This brush is sold individually, but because so basic, I think it should come in the Starter Kit. Its small, flat and just firm enough for packing colour onto the lid, pulling through the crease, or in the outer V.

photo (7)


The Core Collection: This is a set of four face brushes which also comes in a case. The top brush is the Pointed Foundation Brush. This is typical, long bristled flat brush. It’s a little too small for applying my tinted moisturiser, but I love it for buffing in my concealer. The Buffing Brush is very similar to the Expert Face Brush, but the bristles are longer and not as tight knit. This is my go to contour brush as it fits the hollows of my cheeks quite snug. Next is what is meant to be used for Contouring, the Contour Brush. This just resembles a baby blush brush, I find it a little too small and fluffy for contouring, but it’s perfect for blush. Last is the Detailer Brush, this is like the big sister to the Accent Brush. I don’t actually have much use for this brush, but I have used it a few times when I need to be precise with concealer or lippy.

The good thing about the sets, is that each one comes with a nifty little case with two clever features. The toggle so you can fold and stand your brushes; and a velcro clasp so you can carry it on the go. There’s also a little extra space for more brushes.

Expert Face Brush
This is by far my Holy Grail base brush, the Expert Face Brush. It looks exactly like the Buffing Brush, but the bristles are smaller and tighter. The way the brush is tapered blends tinted moisturiser/ foundation in like a dream.
The Stippling Brush. This is an individual from the Perfect Finish line. The bristles are slightly fanned out and quite stiff, so you can apply a bit of pressure. I wasn’t wowed by this for blending my tinted moisturiser, but Its great for normal face moisturiser. I find it blends moisturiser into my skin like a dream, and lets me get in all the little nucks and crannies around my nose.

Overall, I FREAKING LOVE these babies. The bristles are super soft, the handles are long and light weight, and best of all they are multipurpose – giving you room to experiment. They are widely available on the high street and do their job flawlessly. Definitely worth the pennies.
Which brushes are your favourites? And has anybody found another way to use Detailer Brush – I feel as mine is being deserted?
Thanks for stopping by guys, and congratulations if you managed to read this far, this was a looooong one (but the brushes are worth it.)
Don’t forget to like/ comment / follow and I’ll see you next week.


3 thoughts on “Brush Mania – Real Techniques

  1. I love these brushes, makes putting my makeup on a doodle every morning.. whats more it probably saves me form being late every morning (almost – I’m still always late!)

    I got my first set from my boyfriend who was ever so amazing and nice to buy them for me and have loved them (and him) ever since.

    Keep on blogging!


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