Its a Miracle | Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Hello again lovelies,
All I will say is all you YouTube/ Bloggers made me do it. Relly has fallen victim to yet another beauty cult classic – not that I’m complaining. In fact, I applaud you.
In 1930, a small cold planet known as Pluto was discovered. Back on earth, a skin protectant going by the name of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream was born. Still a staple in makeup kits, this moisturiser remains closer to the sun than Pluto could ever hope to be.
The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is possibly one of the most hyped up moisturisers around. I’d lusted after this beast for months, with all the raves about it, how can a girl resist? It’s designed to treat extremely dry skin, and oooh boy, it does exactly that.

A little bit about it…

It says it contains petrolatum, which is a skin soothing beta-hydroxy (one of its first recorded cosmetic uses) and vitamin E. It claims to:
• Help protect, sooth and moisturize skin
• Relieve chapped and cracked skin.
• Act as a de-reddening anti inflammatory agent.
• Sooth and comfort minor weather burns, scrapes and abrasions.
The cream itself is apricot in colour, and has a thick oily consistency, but don’t let the oil put you off. It absorbs into the skin, doesn’t leave it feeling oily; and best of all it works wonders. I would recommend this stuff hands down.


The scent is very pungent and something of a love to hate/ learn to love. I don’t hate it, but probably wouldn’t sit and smell it either. It reminds me of either oregano mixed with basil or Citronella – you know the stuff that keeps mosquitoes from eating you alive.

Sounds very appealing right? I’m terrible at describing scents though so I’d go give it a sniff yourself. I do believe there is a fragrance free version too.


As you all know, I have a major issue with my dry lips – or Lizard Lips as I like to call them. I’ve used soooo many different lip balms/ treatments over the years, but nothing stopped them from peeling. Imagine a snake shedding its skin on your face daily… As a result, lipstick/ gloss became my frenemies; a pretty looking catalyst speeding up my yucky lip peeling syndrome.

I’ve only been using this beauty for little over a week, and I have already noticed one heck of a difference, I can’t actually put into words how much I love it. It may as well have given me new lips, they look and feel super smooth, hydrated and best of all they don’t peel. I apply it to my lips right before lights out, and occasionally in the morning.


If you’ve read my past posts, you’ll know I’ve been loving the Tanya Burr Lipgloss Range recently (for my full review click here). I have found myself reaching for this a lot more this week, even experimenting with lipsticks underneath – aren’t I getting brave? For the first time in soooo long, I feel like I can enjoy lipsticks again, the Eight Hour Cream has softened my lips so much that lipsticks glide over them smoothly, and my lips stay hydrated throughout the day. Merry Jigs!


Gimmie More…

I believe Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a multipurpose wonder cosmetic, it doesn’t only work wonders on dry skin. So here are a couple of other uses people seem to rate it for:

Glow Giver

Apply a very tiny amount to the top of your cheekbones after foundation, and it will give a chic and healthy sheen all day.

Lip Scrub

Apply a dab of it to your lips and rub over with an old toothbrush to remove any traces of dead/ peeling skin.

Cuticle Rescue

Apply around dry cuticles before bed to rehydrate the skin. For dry hands and feet, apply all over the area, then sleep with gloves/ socks on; it will repair even the driest of skin. The perfect end to a mani/pedi.


Body Highlight

Use on collarbone, shoulders, knees and shins to create a healthy summer glow.

Weather Protector

Apply a dollop on your hands, let it heat up for a minute then smooth over your face and neck to fight off dehydration in harsh weather conditions.

Eye Opener

Apply a small amount to the centre of your eyelids, it opens the eye and gives it a mysterious glow. Also try applying it to the brow bone to highlight the area.

Brow Shine

Brush a bit through your brows with a spoolie. It will tame eyebrows, provide sheen and keep them in place to frame the face.


Overall, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is definitely worth the hype. It’s certainly on the pricey side at £26 but you get 50ml, and as you only use a tiny amount, it will last. The formulation hasn’t changed over the years, so it doesn’t possess the most advanced or high tech, fancy ingredients, but it delivers every time. I can safely say, I’m glad I became slave to the 8 Hour Cream. It’s like I’ve got brand spanking new lips.

Have you guys tried it, what do you think? Are there any other uses its good for?

Ps: I’ve decided to take part in the whole TAG Tuesday hype, any good TAGS floating around?

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Ciao you lovely lot




2 thoughts on “Its a Miracle | Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

  1. Wow, I discovered this stuff about 24 months ago and like you found its perfect! I swear by this stuff and practically use it all over my body in the hope that it’ll help keep me young(and fresh!)

    Good write up! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


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