I Heart Spring Tag

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Happy April you lovely bunch!

Due to my shoddy internet connection, this post is a day late – sorry guys. Anyway, I thought I’d banish my blues and give the I Heart Spring Tag a shot. So lets go…
What is your favourite spring nail polish?
I don’t really follow seasonal trends with nail polish, I usually just go with what colour I’m feeling that week. But I’m digging the paler colours at the moment, so I’m going to go with my favourite one at the moment which is Tanya Burrs Penguin Chic.

tanya burr penguin chic

What is your must have lip colour this spring?

I’m a nude lip gal, so I’ll be sticking to my usual pink toned nudes. My favourite at the moment is Maybelline’s colour stay in Tantalizingly Taupe.


Show us your favourite spring dress!

I only got this a few days ago but I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it. It’s quite a bold choice for me, I normally shy away from dresses that aren’t black/ grey but there was something about this one that obliterated any reservations.


What’s your favourite flower?

Haha good one, I don’t know flowers at all. I quite like pink Tulips though.

pink tu

Favourite scarf/ accessory?

I’ve got waaaaay too many scarves to possibly choose a favourite so I’m going to go with my favourite jewellery. I got this bracelet and necklace combo for my birthday, and I’ve been loving them recently, they go with all my outfits and are simple and classic.


What spring trends are you most excited about this year? (makeup, fashion or both)

Makeup: I’m quite looking forward to embracing a few neutral eye looks. The other day I tried MACs Naked Lunch all over the Lid with Toasted from the Urban Decay Naked Pallette through the crease and it looked really summery and fresh.

Fashion: I like to rock a few different coloured jeans at this time of year, pale oranges, blues and mint. I think what I’m most excited about wearing though is my KEDS, as soon as the weather permits, I’ll be busting these babies. Come on Mother Nature – you know you wanna stop making it rain ;-).

Favourite Spring candle?

I really like the Airwick Colour Changing Candle in Vanilla at the moment. I find it relaxing watching it gently change colour and Vanilla always smells good.


Favourite body spray/ perfume for spring?

My favourite spring perfume (Ana Sui – Flight of Fancy) has been discontinued – god damn it! I think this year I’ll be reaching for Taylor Swifts – Taylor perfume, it smells fresh, fruity and summery.


What is spring like where you live?

A bit strange in the weather department – its not really cold, but one minute its glorious hot sunshine and the next it’s hammering it down (hail stone the lot). Aside from that there are plenty of flowers in bloom and because of the indecisive weather, rainbows.


What’s your favourite thing about spring?

Being outside. I like going for walks without freezing to death. My favourite place for a nice stroll is Digley Reservoir in Huddersfield – the water is clear and calm, and the hills roll on for miles. Bliss.


Are you a spring cleaner?

I wish.

Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations?

The significant other and I do a little 2 day break in Alton Towers – we’ve done it every year and it’s something we always get excited about. Bring on June!


Me last year in Alton Towers


And that’s a wrap guys! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to like/ comment/ follow all that jazz.

PS – Your all TAGGED 😛 send me your links if you have a go, I wanna have a nosey at your answers.




4 thoughts on “I Heart Spring Tag

  1. Hello! I just found your blog on twitter and really love it so thought I’d follow you. It’d be great if you followed me back on blogger and give me a tweet every now and then. I love to hear from my followers 🙂 I loveeee the bracelet – so pretty!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Much love xx



    • Hellooo! Thank you 🙂 that’s always great to hear! Thanks for the follow! You have a lovely blog too so I followed you back – can’t wait to read more! Thank youuu 🙂 it just goes with everything! I followed you on Twitter :-p xxx


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