Taking Back the 90’s Kids


Happy Thursday peeps,
Relly’s coming back at you with something a little out the ordinary. I fancy taking a trip down memory lane, so I’m dragging all you 90’s children back with me. So heres 42 memories to take you back to the yesteryears.

Time for the time travel

1. Dancing around your bedroom to the Spice Girls pretending to be your favourite Spice – now thats ‘girl power’
Cause of my wild afro hair, I had no choice than to be Scary Spice – ‘zig a zig aaaaaah.’


2. Watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Powerpuff Girls episodes back to back.

I didnt make the significant other download the Powerpuff Girls again a few months ago so I could relive my youth – Ok, I lied, course I did and I’m not ashamed.


3. Learning all the dance routines to Steps – come on, admit it, we all did it 😉

4. Scented gel pens. Spending an entire lesson writing the name of your crush in as many different smells as you could. Then nearly crying because one had leaked all over your bag/ books – Nooooooo that was the best scent and ruined my favourite Kookai Bag.

I remember being gutted cause I couldn’t use the coconut flavour pen to underline the date because it was white – congratulations pen company, great thinking.

5. Wearing jelly sandals to school with socks – nice!

6. Singing ‘SEGA’ every time you switched your Sega Megadrive on and playing Sonic the Hedgehog.


7. Playing Tetris for hours on end on the very first Gameboy – the black and white ones.

8. Jurassic Park was your favourite film – dont deny it 😉

9. Playing Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Tomb Raider on the Playstation 1 thinking it was state of the art technology.

I still have my Playstation 1 to this day – I can’t bring myself to throw it away.


10. Spending all your pocket money on Pokemon Cards then trying to find somebody who had a Charizard to strike a trade with.

I’m not admitting to still having my full collection in the vague hope they will be cool again someday 😉

11. Anyone remember Pokemon cereal!?


12. Walking around school in a Schott Jacket and being jealous of the girl in corridor that had a pink one.

13. Truly believing B*Witched were onto something with their fashion choices.

Good ol’ double denim combo 😉


14. Writing who you loved on your Dear Diary.

15. Wishing your Tamagotchi was a real pet.

16. Using a Clippercard to get to and from school – curse you Megarider!

17. Spending all your free time on MSN and feeling like you’d hit the jackpot when your crush came online and said ‘Hi.’

18. Putting hearts in your MSN name.

19. Spending hours designing your Piczo website with HTML codes.

I’m pretty damn sure mines still floating around somewhere in Cyber Space.

20. Drinking WKDS and Smirnoff Ice underage because it was cool.


21. Super slicked back ponytail held in place with a can of hairspray.

22. Believing big hooped earrings completed any outfit.

23. Downloading all your music off Limewire when that was probably what helped Woolworths and HMV fall to their demise.

24. Dial up internet connection – then your mum uses the phone – god damn you woman I was trying to Google S Club 7.

25. Buying Inflatable chairs.


26. Begging your mum to get your belly button pierced because it was cool.

27. Wearing a bandana for school and casting evils when your teacher told you to take it off.

28. Bopping around school with a portable CD player – so cool.

29. Playing the SIMS all day creating the perfect family, only for the kids to burn the house down; secretly wishing Mortimer Goff would f*** off.

30. Playing Snake on your Nokia 3210 and changing the case every week.


31. First makeup set with the crazy amounts of glitter and blue mascara.

I was a sucker for those Rimmel shadow roller balls in bright purple – does anyone remember those!?

32. Owning more VHS videos and CDs than you could fit on your shelf.

33. Reading the entire Jacqueline Wilson book collection.


34. Reading Goosebumps and actually being scared – readers beware you’re in for a scare.

I still remember hiding behind a pillow when they put ‘Welcome to Dead House’ on CBBC.

35. Digging to the bottom of a new cereal box just to get the toy – even though theres still a half full box in the cupboard.

36. Watching Grange Hill, Biker Grove and Round the Twist every night then wondering what to do with your life when the series ended.

37. Wishing you were Britney Spears when the film Crossroads came out.


38. Buying £1 worth of Fini Booms and eating them until your tongue was raw.

39. When our So…Kiss Me was the best perfume ever – thanks a bunch Superdrug.

40. Buying all your favourite songs as a single for £2.99 in HMV.

41.Watching Top of the Pops religiously on a Friday night.

42. Blobby…Mr Blobby!


Ahhhhhh I miss those days! Let me know if I missed anything out guys – theres probably loads. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed a bit of time travel. Dont forget to Like/ Comment/ Follow and i’ll be back next week.

















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