About Moi

Welcome to my world. A 23 year old PR Executive, who’s over active brain chooses to ramble at lights out.


This is Moi…

  • My name is Cherelle – but everyone calls me Relly.
  • Im a tad bit giddy at times.DSCF1335
  • I live in rainy Manchester.
  • I studied Journalism and Broadcasting at the University of Salford.
  • I need junk food to sustain me; pizza, burgers, chips, penny sweets…gimmie gimmie gimmie!
  • I have a weakness for lemons and limes… how can you tell >>
  • I like Huddersfield.
  • My Goldfish is over 12 years old and looks like hes fed on steroids (hes just a wannabe shark)
  • I can ALWAYS find something I ‘need’ from Boots/ Superdrug.
  • I love Tomb Raider.
  • I like Taylor Swift.
  • I like My Chemical Romance – even now theyve split…ding It!!
  • I will always love the Walt Disney Classics – especially The Lion King.
  • Im fascinated by Ancient Egypt.
  • The special people in my life keep me sane – Family, Friends and that Significant other – Thank Youuuuu!
  • I WILL own a BMW Z4 one day!

I will post on this blog every Thursday but Little Tips and Tiny Tricks will be updated ramdomly.

Follow and I shall follow you right back (if you have a blog of course)

Hope You Enjoy

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