Little Tips and Tiny Tricks

Did you Know…

Want to make your eyes appear brighter?


Opt for a flesh toned eyeliner on your bottom waterline

Want to make your eyes appear longer?


Only apply eyeliner 3 Quaters of the way across your top last line, and wing out.

Colour guide for your eye make up



Have pesky blackheads on your nose?


Squish them with your eyelash curler.

Banana peel to brighten up your skin  and reduce acne…


Rub the inside of a banana peel against your skin.

Shoes too small? 
photo (3)
Pop 3 pairs of socks on with them and blow them with a hairdryer for 10 mins – no more squished toes.

Want Glowing Skin? Add one table spoon of honey to warm water and drink.
Voila a healthy glow.

Fresh lemon juice will fade acne scars and uneven skin tone.
But it can irritate your skin a little.

Dried up Gel Liner?
1 drop of Baby Oil, mix it up and its good as new.

Eat an orange before working out…
It keeps you hydrated and prevents muscle pain.


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